"Leslee and I are blessed to have five children, eight grandchildren and a large extended family living in the area. I feel fortunate to have grown up here and educated in our State.


This is a very unique place and I do everything possible to protect it for future generations."

Brad Tschida

Protecting Liberty
Promoting Prosperity

Montanan’s have a proud history of independence, resourcefulness, self-reliance and personal responsibility.  We don’t like outsiders telling us how to manage our lives and our lands. By outsiders, we mean any area outside a 2-foot circle around a Montana voter. We continue to have ever increasing local, state and federal attempts to regulate every aspect of our lives. Leave the management of our lives and lands to the people of Montana.

I have proven my commitment to:

              Promoting Job Creation Through Limited Taxation  


   Forever Protecting and Preserving Access to Montana's Public Lands  


                               Fighting to Reduce Business, Income and Property Taxes                                

Encouraging Responsible Development of Montana's Plentiful Natural Resources


 Returning Healthcare Options & Control to Montanans


                  Defending Personal Freedom & 2nd Amendment rights                


Creating More Efficient State Governance

School Bus & Children


The Stakes are High

I believe in local school control and school choice - 12 years of educational experience as a teacher and administrator provide me with a unique perspective on successful educational strategies and outcomes. 

I believe parents, teachers and administrators can create educational programs locally that fit the needs of students in Missoula / Lolo and throughout Montana, better than federal bureaucrats in Washington DC.

I believe competition creates innovation and improvement. Montana is one of only 8 States in the US with no form of publicly financed school choice. Why wouldn’t Montana, like the 42 other states with educational choice, consider charter schools? Here are some commonly recognized advantages for charter schools   


            1. Increased Innovation. Charter schools have the independence to try new forms of teaching to discover                                      the best way to reach their students.

            2. Increased Efficiency. Charter schools avoid a myriad of challenging government regulations and the                                            interference of state officials.

            3. Greater Accountability. Charter schools must attract students to succeed. If they do not attract sufficient                                     numbers of students, they will close for budgetary reasons or their charter can be taken away.

             4. Increased Competition. Charter schools treat education as a product and must compete for families as                                       customers. This is an ultimate form of accountability.

We’re spending $11,000.00 per child per year on education in Montana. Are they receiving the best education possible? 

Based on test results, the answer to that question is NO!

Woman & Doctor

Health Care

For a Better Future

1) Obamacare caused millions to lose the health insurance they had and watch healthcare costs skyrocket. 

2) Medicaid expansion is a key part of Obamacare and it will bankrupt the State of Montana. This is happening due to higher than planned enrollment numbers (many of whom are able-bodied and childless males) and costs that the Democrats and other supporters are kicking down the road.

3) Medicaid Expansion is responsible to pay for 1 of every 6 abortions in Montana. Medicaid Expansion will also be responsible to pay for 70% of the sex change operations occurring in Montana.


4) The medical community is concerned that with fewer doctors and more patients, healthcare is being compromised.


5) LOOK AT THE VA CRISIS!! That is the health care that the government provides. 


6) There are ways to get coverage for individuals who need it and to improve the healthcare system without all the federal regulations that Obamacare imposed.

7) Healthcare costs could be reduced by 75% if 2 changes were made:  the first is to make pricing for medical procedures transparent. The second is to allow individuals to have fully funded Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Lake View

Protect & Preserve Public Lands

PUBLIC LANDS – whether state or federally managed – are critical to the Montana way of life.

That’s why - as a hunter, fisherman and outdoor enthusiast - I’ve always promoted and protected

the preservation of our public lands.


Don’t be deceived by out-of-touch liberal Democrats claiming that Republicans want to “sell off” our public lands. Such claims are blatant lies. In truth, Gov. Bullock sold public lands during his tenure. Federal BLM and Forest Service have sold public lands and closed more than 25,000 miles of forest trail access. There is not a single incident of a Republican state legislator advocating the sale of public lands.


Democrats have OVER-TAXED OUR CITIZENS, devastated our Montana economy, decimated our natural resource development, and limited access to our federal public lands. Their only hope is to attack defenders of public lands – Republicans – by shifting the blame from themselves to someone else. With a failed economic track record, Democrats must create a “non-issue” and use that as a talking point.


Montana public lands, managed by Montanan Republicans, will remain public.

Dollar Bills


Improving Our Economy

I believe business development and job creation are vital to our improving Montana's economy and reducing our national debt. I've worked, and will continue to work, to get the State Government out of the way of businesses.

Montana is 48th in overall income in the US.

Montana is DEAD LAST in income among millennials under Democrat governors. Montana needs Republican leadership committed to changing that.

We need to eliminate business taxes, like the business equipment tax, which are ultimately paid by consumers.
Republicans are effective at reducing government regulations and we'll continue to pursue  pro-business policies to help promote business development and create a better Montana.


Learn more and join the cause today.

Brad Tschida's Background

12 years of experience as a teacher and administrator: allows me unique perspectives on successful educational strategies and outcomes.



Served on the House Appropriations Committee - 2015 & 2017 Montana Legislature. 

Served as House Majority Leader during the 2019 Legislative Session.

As a former business owner, I understand that businesses, NOT governments, create strong communities and economic prosperity.

My supporters include Liberals, Libertarians, Independents and Conservatives because they know my proven ability to attain common sense solutions among multiple groups.

Active involvement with service organizations like the Exchange Club, which supports The Parenting Place, coaching youth sports and serving on nonprofit boards has given me a deep appreciation for the vibrant communities that we live in and the wonderful people who are our neighbors.

Memberships with - NRA / Missoula Exchange Club / MSSA / Deer Creek Range / St. Anthony Parish

Knights of Columbus

Fighting for you


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